November 28, 2015: “A Dream of Utopia in Hell” by Wes Enzinna in The New York Times Magazine

October 1, 2015: Ecology or Catastrophe is published

August 9, 2015: “Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish Resistance” by Joris Leverink, ROAR

June 17, 2015: “Rojava Cantons Connected After Major Kurdish Victory,” ROAR

June 15, 2015: Syrian Kurds capture Til Abyad, cutting off ISIS’s major supply route to Raqqa and conjoining Cizire and Kobane

June 7, 2015: In Turkish elections, the pro-Kurdish party HDP gains almost 13 percent of the vote, crossing for the first time the 10 percent threshold for participation in parliament

June 4, 2015: “Kurdish Autonomy between Dream and Reality,” a fascinating interview of Joost Jongerden by Alex de Jong, ROAR magazine.

May 24, 2015: In Galicia, northwestern Spain, a municipal councilor is elected to office on an explicitly libertarian municipalist platform

April 23, 2015: “The Revolution in Rojava” by Meredith Tax in Dissent.

April 11, 2015: “The American Anarchist and the Kurdish Connection,” by Sebastian Gjerding, Danish Information

April 9, 2015: “Dear Mr. Anarchist, You Aren’t Listening,” by Stefan Bertram-Lee, Kurdish Question

April 9, 2015: “Radicalising Democracy: Power, Politics, People, and the PKK,” by Joost Jongerden, Kurdish Question

April 3-5, 2015: The second Challenging Capitalist Modernity conference in Hamburg, Germany.

ca. 2015: “To Make a World,” Part III, by Jonas Staal, e-Flux

February 22, 2015: “The Revolution Behind the Headlines” by Joris Leverink

February 21, 2015: “A Dramatic Change,” The Economist

February 6, 2015: “From Chiapas to Rojava” by Petar Stanchev, in Kurdish Question

February 1, 2015: Radio New Zealand–my interview about Rojava.

December 1-9, 2014: I visited Rojava as part of an academic delegation.



October 22, 2014: “Hierarchy in the UK, Anarchy in Kurdistan,” by Adam Curtis, BBC Blogs

October 14, 2014: “The Ghost of Bookchin Present” by Cathasaigh O’Corcrain

October 8, 2014: “Why Is the World Ignoring the Revolutionary Kurds in Rojava” by David Graeber, Guardian

September 8, 2014: “Kurdish Spring,” Channel 4 News

August 17, 2014: “The New PKK: Unleashing a Social Revolution in Kurdistan,” by Rafael Taylor, ROAR magazine

2012: “Reassembling the Political” by Ahmet Hamdi Akkaya and Joost Jongerden, European Journal of Turkish Studies

February 3, 2012: “Bookchin, Öcalan, and the Dialectics of Democracy,” by Janet Biehl, presentation to conference “Challenging Capitalist Modernity,” Hamburg

October 26, 2007: “Among the Kurds” by Graeme Wood. An early article referring to the study of Bookchin’s works in the Quandil Mountains.